‘Dead or alive’, all are affected by demonetisation

Hyderabad: Demonetisation move taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has badly hit each and everyone in the country. Atleast 130 men and women died during the past 47 days. While the currency ban has bothered the living, even the dead are not immune to demonetisation effects. People are facing a lot of problems while performing last rites of the dead.

Demonetisation has also affected burial arrangements undertaken through Siasat Millat Fund. Withdrawal limits for other customers remains capped at Rs 24000 per week, while the expenses for funeral rites of each unclaimed Muslim body are around 3000 rupees. Sometimes it needs to arrange burial of 10 to 15 unclaimed bodies on one single day. The expenses for the same come to around 30 to 45 thousand.

On December 20, 7 unclaimed Muslim bodies were buried. Expenditure incurred for the same was Rs. 21000. Due to the cap on withdrawal several unclaimed Muslim bodies are lying unattended in Osmania Hospital mortuary.

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