DDCA chief refutes Azad’s allegations, says efforts being made to malign cricket body

New Delhi: Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA) President Sneh Prakash Bansal on Sunday strongly refuted to the charges of corruption, and said that efforts were being made to malign the cricket body.

“I rebut the charges. They have misrepresented the whole story. The facts and bills that Wikileaks4India was showing were totally false. No bill shown in the sting was accounted for from DDCA. Our balance sheet is ready till 2013. We did not expect a company to do such a thing (sting operation) and some former and respected cricketers to back their bogus claims,” Bansal said at the press conference here.

“The companies that we have worked with have all got their documents in place and we have all the records with us which we can provide you,” he added.

“Everything was hogwash. All records are with the DDCA with the companies that we have dealt with. Their story is totally false,” he added.

“They are trying to malign DDCA’s reputation, I condemn all allegations against us,” Bansal said.

Earlier, today Kirti Azad alleged that lots of companies were given crores of rupees by the DDCA and contracts were given out to fraud companies without any verification.

“Lots of companies were given crores of rupees by the DDCA and their nature of work was never told. Contracts were given out to fraud companies, payments were made, without any verification,” Azad told the press conference here at the press club to expose corruption in Delhi cricket body.

Finance Minister Jaitley, has been accused of corruption by the Delhi Government and former players including Kirti Azad and Bishan Singh Bedi during his tenure as president of DDCA till 2013.

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and the Congress Party has demanded for the resignation of the Finance Minister from the union cabinet to enable an independent probe against him. (ANI)