DCW seeks arrest of man who asked people to ‘use’ Muslim women

New Delhi: The Delhi Commission for Women has issued a notice to the Delhi police to arrest a man who has been posting indecent and threatening messages against Muslim women on social media.

The man identified as Kunal Sharma put out a post that read, ‘Marry Muslim girls. Treat it as government property and use it. Have fun yourself. Get others too. This is how Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas will happen.” 

The DCW has now issued a notice to the Delhi police regarding the same and asked for the FIR copy registered in the matter, steps taken by the police to remove the content from social media, etc among other queries.

The man had also put out a list of names of some Muslim women with their contact numbers and addresses, asking Hindu men to sexually exploit them.

The title of this list read ‘Muslim Ladki Patao Campaign’ and at the end of the list ‘Dedicated to all Hindu boys’ was written.

Along with Kunal, few other men who are identified as Shringi Yadav, Sukhdev Sahdev, Rambhakt Gopal, and Vikas Sehrawat also are involved in the matter.

A few days ago an app called the ‘Sulli Deals’ where countless Muslim women found their pictures on the open-source platform Github was in news for sexualizing these women. When an individual opens the app, a photo of any of these women is randomly generated and offers the viewer their ‘sulli deal of the day’– which is supposed to hint at the fact that these women are available to satisfy a man’s needs.

The issue came to light when many internet users on social media platforms like Instagram began talking about the abhorrent act by the offenders. It slowly gained traction and was finally picked up and reported about by a section of the media.