DCW assures strict action against woman for thrashing 85-year-old mother

New Delhi: After a video showing a lady beating her 85-year-old mother went viral, the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) on Tuesday took cognisance of the case and assured strict action against the guilty woman.

DCW chairperson Swati Maliwal met the victim and dubbed the entire episode as inhuman.

“We got to know about this viral video and through that we got to know that this 85 year old lady has been beaten very brutally by her own daughter. We sent a team, we investigated and today the entire team including our members have come here,” Maliwal said.

“What I have witnessed here is completely shocking. This lady actually has brutal marks all over her body, she has been brutally beaten by her daughter. All the neighbours are telling us, every day this lady comes and beats her. She closes the door and she beats her in a very brutal manner,” she added.

Maliwal further said she has recorded the statements of the people which have substantiated the wrongdoing and added that no tolerance will be shown towards the wilful defaulter.

“There are 10,11-year old kids who are living here telling us this entire story. Even the victim confided that a month back she was very brutally beaten by her daughter, she was thrown against the wall after which her entire arm literally broke,” she said.

“The Delhi Commission of women has taken cognisance, we are recording statements and whatever maximum we can do, we will do that because this will not be tolerated. Any one treating their parent in such a manner this is completely inhuman and DCW will take a very strong action against it,” she added.

A video clip showing an 85-year-old woman being brutally beaten by her daughter at their residence in Kalkaji in south Delhi was circulated widely on social media yesterday.

According to reports, the whole event was recorded by a neighbour, who called the police control room (PCR) and narrated the incident.

The police then asked her to file a complaint against her daughter. However, she refused to lodge the complaint, saying it was a family issue and she did not want any action against her daughter.