DCA inspect 25 Pharma units

The Drugs Control Administration authorities carried out inspections at 25 pharmaceutical manufacturing units September to ascertain and ensure that Good Manufacturing Practices are being followed by these manufacturers.

Each of the manufacturing unit was inspected by a team headed by an Assistant Director and two Drug Inspectors. The inspections were spread over two days per unit from 18th to 20th September. The teams underwent detailed briefings and instruction w.r.t the Inspection procedures to be followed.

As has been the recent practice, the teams and areas were shuffled. Each team was sent to an area other than his original jurisdiction. In two cases, specific cases have been registered against the manufacturers. Drugs worth Rs. 33.75 lakhs have been ‘frozen’ and declared ‘ Prohibited for sale’.

In 23 cases, show cause notices have been issued to manufacturers. Details of products dispensed or sold have been sought and Stop Production Orders have been issued. (INN)