Days of succumbing to opportunistic politics have gone: BJP leader Shaina NC

Panaji: Senior BJP leader Shaina NC on Wednesday said the “days of succumbing to opportunistic politics in the country have gone”, and there is no need to be apologetic about political aspirations.

“I don’t think era of alliance has gone, but days of succumbing to opportunistic politics in the country have gone,” Shaina told PTI while campaigning for BJP in Goa for the upcoming state Assembly polls.

On BJP’s decision to go alone in Goa elections, Shaina said, “Every political party has the right to grow and political aspiration is not something to be apologetic about.”

“If you have more votes then you can claim more seats as cadre is also growing,” she said.

She also expressed confidence that BJP has bright prospects in Goa elections.

“The electorate knows that if there is BJP government in the state, and since there is (same party) government in the Centre there can be good coordination between both,” she said.

“Nobody wants coalition government. I think the kind of leadership that would emerge after Goa polls will be a befitting tribute to the good work that (Defence Minister Manohar) Parrikar has done on the fronts of infrastructure and defence,” she added.