Dawood gang behind Rizwi conspiracy says Delhi Police Special Cell

New Delhi: Ever since the Nation got its Independence, harmony among the communities is disrupted with many radical groups rising to power post-Independence.

The British rulers atrocities were against one and all irrespective of their gender or religion but post-Independence the unity among the communities was badly disrupted, with many raising voices for an independent Hindu nation rebelling against the Indian constitution.

One such plot to disrupt communal harmony in the nation was foiled by Delhi Police, Indian Express reported.

In a charge sheet filed by Delhi Police Special Cell in court revealed Dawood Ibrahim’s associate Chota Shakeel was planning to assassinate Wasim Rizvi of Shia Waqf Board using Salim Ahmed Ansari.

Salim Ahmed (42), who hails from Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahr moved to Dubai for job but was caught in financial crisis asked his employer Naushad to help him out.

His employer then introduced Samir to Farooq Gani who lent him 3000 Dirhams to return to India but with one condition. Salim was assigned to kill Wasim Rizvi, chairperson of the Shia Waqf Board.

The Delhi Police Special Cell completing the probe arrested five suspected aides of Dawwod Ibrahim this April on charges of conspiracy to kill Rizvi to disrupt the communal harmony in the country.

Apart from Ansari, Arif, Abrar, Mujeer Jilani Sheikh and Dharmendra Sharma were also arrested for planning the conspiracy.

“The arrests were made after investigators received inputs that Dawood’s associate Chhota Shakeel was planning some subversive activities in India.
With the help of technical surveillance and their informers, police came to know that Rizvi and Arif were in frequent contact with a Dubai-based number. On March 19, a meeting was held between Ansari and Sharma in Delhi, where they also received some money from their hawala operator to execute an untoward incident,” police’s charge-sheet revealed.

Samir Ansari was arrested along with two other associates from Bulandshir on 12 April.

“Gani later introduced him with two other persons — Faizal Mirza and Salim. After several meetings, Gani decided to help him, but asked him to eliminate Rizvi. After reaching India in March this year, Ansari approached his friend Arif, who introduced him to Sharma and Abrar. Ansari carried out a recce of Rizvi’s office in Lucknow, acquired weapons and was in the process of executing the plan. He was regularly in touch with a contact, whose name is saved in his cell-phone as D-Bhai, and was taking instructions from him,” police said.

According to the sources, Rizvi had allegedly received death threat call in January from Dawood gang’s asking him to withdraw his recent statements.