David of Gaza: picture of Palestinian youth Abu Amro goes viral

Gaza: The picture of a Palestinian youth Abu Amro went viral 3 days ago. It is said that the picture speaks a thousand words. This picture of Abu Amro, who lives in the al-Zaytoun neighbourhood in Gaza City, has caught the attention of the people across the world. Abu Omar in the picture is holding Palestinian flag in his one hand and a slingshot in another.

Captured on October 22 by Mustafa Hassouna of Turkey’s Anadolu Agency, the photo shows 20-year-old Palestinian A’ed Abu Amro. The picture has drawn comparisons with the iconic French Revolution painting, Liberty Leading the People.

While the other people had come to protest wearing protective jackets, Abu Amro removed the shirt also.

The image has been tweeted over 5,000 times.