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David Cameron pledges to ‘come down hard’ on radicals in 2016

David Cameron pledges to ‘come down hard’ on radicals in 2016

London: Calling on the country to unite against the growing threat of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), British Prime Minister David Cameron pledged to end the appeasement of Islamist extremism.

According to the Daily Mail, in his New Year’s address, the Prime Minister warned the nation that 2016 will be a ‘test’ of their ‘mettle’ in the war against radicals who are seething with hatred against UK and the West and said that the people of Britain must subscribe to its values, including ‘freedom and tolerance’.

Pledging to come down hard on radicals, Cameron said the ‘poisonous ideology’ that has turned young Muslims against their own country.

Making his address in a video posted on the Downing Street website, the Prime Minister said that extremism was a major social problem which he would ‘take on’.

‘When our national security is threatened by a seething hatred of the West, one that turns people against their country and can even turn them into murderous extremists, I want us to be very clear: you will not defeat us and we will not just confront the violence and the terror. We will take on their underlying, poisonous narrative of grievance and resentment,” Cameron said.

The Prime Minister asserted that tacking extremism was one of the ‘biggest challenges of our age’ among other issues and said that the country was in the middle of a ‘turnaround decade’. (ANI)