Dastaan-e-Berozgaar: A satire short film by unemployed youth

New Delhi: A movie “Dastaane Berozgaar” – depicting the condition of unemployed people in Rajasthan- on behalf of Rajasthan Unemployed Unified Federation will be released on October 21. The trailer of this movie will be released on October 12.


Federation President Upen Yadav said “Five years ago, the present ruling party had made a promise that we would give 15 lakh jobs and improve the impedimentary system. The fate of the youth of Rajasthan will change, but even today after 5 years, the miserable situation of the unemployed remains. To illustrate the situation of the unemployed in Rajasthan, this documentary film Dastaan-e-unemployed was created. In the past, the film could not be released due to the government’s ban. Now it will be released after 2 years. It will now be released on the YouTube channel.”

The film depicts the struggles of the youths for the job and their sorry state. “The BJP government was not comfortable with this film since it failed to fulfil the promise of providing 15 lakh jobs in five years,” Yadav adds.

Courtesy: Muslim Mirror