Dark theme arrives for Google Maps on Android

San Francisco: Google Maps is finally getting dark theme on its Android app for users around the globe.

“What do we want? Dark theme! Where do we want it? Google Maps!,” Google wrote in a tweet via its Android handle.

While Google has been testing the dark mode for Google Maps since September last year, the global rollout for Android users has begun now.

The night mode is meant to provide “your eyes a much-needed break” and help conserve battery life.

To enable the dark theme, all you need to do is tap your profile icon in the top right corner in Google Maps, look for theme settings in the list of configuration options, and then enable the entry that activates the dark mode.

Users need to download the latest version of Android OS, that is, version 10.61.2, to access this feature.

The Google Maps in dark model features a super-dark shade of grey for the map background. The street names come in a lighter shade of grey, allowing users to easily spot the important landmarks and roads.

In addition, Google has also made available the Password Checkup feature for Android handsets.

The company said that the feature is now integrated into Android phones running Android 9 and above.