Dargah Yousufain procession stopped for want of permission: cops

Author: Mohammed Hussain

Hyderabad: The Mutawallil (caretaker) of Dargah Yousufain Mohd Faisal Ali Shah was stopped by the police for taking out the Rasm-e-Jhula (traditional procession) on Tuesday afternoon.

Speaking to newsperson, Mr. Shah said that the police has crossed its limits or legal boundaries by stopping the procession and putting me under house arrest.” He said he has the permission to take out the procession from the high court.”

On the other hand, Mr. Shiva Chandra, inspector of police, Habeeb Nagar Police Station said that we had information that some element could create trouble during the procession, we had to stop it. “Therefore resorted to stopping the procession but we have not put him under house arrest.” He added.