Dargah Yousufain comes under the direct control of Wakf Board

Hyderabad: Telangana State Wakf Board took the management of Dargah Hazrat Yousufain directly under its control yesterday. Wakf Board posted a team of officials to monitor the management.

It may be mentioned that Wakf Board had appointed a temporary mutawalli whose term ended yesterday. Yesterday morning, the officials of Wakf Board took charge of the management of the Dargah. The officials working under the control of temporary mutawalli refused to hand over the keys to the officials of Wakf Board. They said that no notice/order has been to them.

Mr. Mohammed Saleem contacted the police officials at 5 a.m. yesterday and informed the details and sought police help. Police officials examined the documents pertaining to the expiry of the term of temporary mutawalli and took the keys from the employees of temporary mutawalli and handed them over to Wakf Board officials. In this manner, all the managements of the said Dargah have come under the control of Wakf Board.

At 11 a.m., former mutawalli of the Dargah, Mr. Faisal Ali Shah made an attempt to enter the dargah premises. The Wakf Board officials stopped him from entering the area.

Mr. Faisal Ali Shah showed the orders of Justice Vilas Rao Afzulpurkar which authorize him to function as mutawalli of the dargah since 2014. This month Hyderabad High Court issued stay order on the suspension of mutawalli.

The officials of Wakf Board informed that they would allow him to perform religious rites only after getting the orders from CEO of Wakf Board.

Speaking to newsmen yesterday, Mr. Faisal Ali Shah told that in 2014, action was taken against him under baseless allegations for which HC issued stay order. He hoped that the present Wakf Board would honour the orders of HC.

Mr. Mohammed Saleem, Chairman of Wakf Board told that the issue pertaining to the extension of temporary mutawalli was under the consideration of Wakf Board but he field a case against Wakf Board which forced Wakf Board to take adverse decision. He further informed that the management of the dargah has come under the direct control of Wakf Board. Action would be taken as per the orders of HC. He also told that the officials of Wakf Board will collect rents from the tenants. The present situation has been informed to the police station in order to prevent any violence from any group.

–Siasat News