A Dargah at LoC that protects Indian soldiers as well as Pakistan rangers alike

New Delhi: In a strained Indo-Pak relationship, this Dargah of Chamri Wale Baba plays a bridge between the two nations. Known for its soil to cure the skin disease, psoriasis, Indian Army soldiers, as well as Pakistan Rangers, pay homage to the shrine.

Also known as Chamliyal baba, Pakistan does not shell or fire at the 350-year-old Dargah. However, during the past weeks of shelling and firing at the International Border across LoC, three bullets were found at Dargah’s premises.

“This time three bullets landed in the premises of dargah which we feel will bring bad luck to Pakistan Rangers,” a BSF soldier told India Today.

It is believed by both the BSF and Pakistan Rangers that the baba has some supernatural powers that protect them and take care of them.

According to the old beliefs, Chamliyal Baba was beheaded by miscreants. His head was fallen in Sadawali, where Pakistan constructed a shrine, and his body was carried by a horse to Chamliyal where another shrine was established.

Soldiers of both the countries pay respect to the shrine every year in June. Civilians under security pay respect and witness the Chadar ceremony at the Dargah.

People from both the sides benefit and use Dargah’s soil as a cure for the skin ailments like psoriasis.