Dargah Hazrat Husain Shah Wali Waqf land case hearing in Supreme Court today

Hyderabad: The hearing of the case of Dargah Hazrat Husain Shah Wali waqf land is scheduled on February 21 in Supreme Court. Waqf or endowed land parcel in this case is 1,654 acres and 32 guntas. Waqf Board has appointing a panel of 5 noted advocates and Chief Executive Officer Mohammed Asadullah reached New Delhi to interact with them.

Waqf Board released Rs. 12 lakh as initial fee to the lawyers and 10 to 15 lakhs will have to be paid after the hearing. According to reliable sources the advocates include Nikhil Dewan, K V Vishwanathan, Guru Krishna, Gaurav Agarwal and Huzefa Ahmadi.

Meanwhile government has refused to disclose its stand on the case.

It must be recalled that Waqf land of Dargah Hazrat Husain Shah Wali was allotted to a number of MNCs, national and local organizations for setting up IT and IT related firms and businesses, by the previous Telugu Desam Party and the Congress governments.

Telugu Desam had allotted 30 acres to Software company Wipro, 15 acres to VJIL consultant, 7 acres to Polaris Software Ltd., 50 acres to Infosys, 54 acres to Microsoft, 17 acres to Bolder Hills, 110 acres to MR, 200 acres to Urdu University and 250 acres to Indian School of Business. While YSR government allotted 108 acres land to Lanco Hills Technology Park.

Chief Minister had assured give away the 800 acres undistributed land of Manikonda Jagir or the land that has been endowed to Dargah Hazrat Husain Shah Wali to Waqf Board but no paper work has been done in this connection so far. The hearing in Supreme Court assumes importance in present scenario.

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