Dargah Hazrat Barhana Shah Sahab taken under Wakf Board Control

Hyderabad: CEO of Telangana Wakf Board cancelled the managing committee of Dargah Hazrat Barhana Shah Sahab with immediate effect and took over all the affairs under the direct control of Wakf Board.

As per the notification issued the term of the managing committee was to end on 14th May 2017 but serious allegations against the managing committee were received. OSD of Wakf Board also confirmed these allegations. A showcase notice was issued for which the committee did not submit satisfactory reply. The committee could not prove that buildings were not constructed on the graveyard. On inspection, it was noticed that after dismantling the graves, a house was constructed. After reviewing all the affairs, Wakf Board took the management of Dargah Hazrat Barhana Shah Sahab located at Edibazar, Santosh Nagar and the properties associated with it. Inspector Auditor of Wakf Circle number 1 has been instructed to take charge of the management.

–Siasat News