Darbhanga: minority school teachers deprived of salaries on Muslims biggest festival Eid

Darbhanga: Teachers of all the minority schools in Bihar including those of Soghra Girls High School and Shafi Muslim High School will not be able to celebrate Eid as they have been deprived of salary even on the occasion of Eid. While they face starvation, they will not be able to prepare for Eid as well.

According to reliable sources, the teachers didn’t get the salary from March 2018 till date for 4 months. There are 72 government minority schools in Bihar. Around 1200 teachers teach in high schools. Thanks to the wrong policy of the government teachers have been deprived of salaries on the occasion of Eid as well. While all the other schools’ teachers and employees of various departments have been given 7th pay scale, the minority schools’ teachers of the state are deprived of the 7th pay scale. This shows the step-motherly treatment of the government towards minorities.

The government had issued fund for payment of salaries for one year, despite that the payment of salaries has not been made. Salaries from March to May has been withheld on various pretexts and laws. Non-payment of salaries on the occasion of the biggest Muslim festival is unfortunate.