Danny Boyle’s first choice was Chris Martin over Ed Sheeran in ‘Yesterday’

Washington: Ace director Danny Boyle has revealed that Hollywood singer Ed Sheeran was not his first choice for the upcoming film ‘Yesterday.’

According to Billboard, the director said this in an interview with New Musical Express and as cited by Billboard.
The story of the film revolves around Jack Malik, played by Himesh Patel, in a world where everyone forgot who the Beatles were, so Malik pretends to write the classic songs himself. Ed

Sheeran plays himself and Patel gets the gig as his opening act.

The director said that he originally wanted Chris Martin to star in the film.

“He teased us rotten because he found out we’d asked Chris Martin first, so he never let us forget that,” Boyle explained.

“And he accused us of asking Harry Styles second, which isn’t true, but we did ask Chris Martin first, so he teases us rotten about that but he gives as good as he gets.”

“He’s got a good sense of humour which he needed to have otherwise it could have been quite unpleasant,” the director said.

The film ‘Yesterday’ is slated to hit theatres on Jun 28.