Daniele Watts apology letter rejected by court

London, Aug 11 : American actress Daniele Watts, who accused Los Angeles police of racism, took to Twitter to write an apology letter to the police officers which got rejected by the court.

The 29-year-old’Django Unchained’ actress was asked to apologise as part of a plea for the court to drop charges of lewd conduct against the actor and her boyfriend Brian James Lucas, who was white, the Guardian reported.

Sources said that the pair, who had escaped the threat of a six-month maximum jail term, was sentenced to 40 hours of community service in May for making out in public area.

Though Watts had tweeted the apology to Sergeant Parker, Officer Saldana and Officer Arce, sources claim that the letter didn’t include the words of regret and instead focused on Watts’ own feelings of fear, shame and anxiety during the incident.

However, she did thank the officers for providing an opportunity for the public to discuss and understand more deeply the ‘taboo’ subject of interracial relationships. (ANI)