Dancing Thief: Robber gives notorious dance steps after committing burglary

Ahmedabad: Robbery gangsters and their victory dances after completion of robbery are hilarious to watch but the crime is also on the rise.

In a similar victory dance caught on camera, one of the robbers in the gang of five is caught dancing on camera after committing robbery in a flat in Sargasan village of Gandhinagar on Saturday.

The robber seems notorious leaving the dancing video footage to tease the police officials and make fun of their efforts that usually go waste with no other proof in hands.

According to the Police, the gang members broke into two flats and stole cash and jewellery worth lakhs of rupees.

In the video that has gone viral on the internet, the burglar can be seen covering himself with a blanket and then performing some notorious dance moves while other gang members can be seen fleeing the building.

YouTube video

The Sector-7 police of Gandhinagar lodged two complaints of burglary against the unknown burglars.

The Burglars reportedly looted ornaments worth Rs.1.81 lakhs from the house of 56-year-old Arvind Patel in Ratnaraj Residency and then moved to another flat whose amount of burglary is yet to be ascertained. The burglars then moved to Shreemand residency where they broke into two other flats said the police.

The complainant Kalpana Shukla (51), a resident of Shreemad Residency where the dance incident happened after the burglary was a way to meet her husband at Bharuch when the robbers broke into her house and took away ornaments worth Rs 60,500.