Danam wants Speaker to accept Revanth’s resignation

Demanding that Speaker S Madhusudana Chary accept the resignation of A Revanth Reddy along with other MLAs, who changed their loyalties to other political parties, former minister and Congress senior leader Danam Nagender said one would understand that the Speaker was an agent of TRS party in case he failed to accept the resignation of Revanth Reddy and other MLAs.

Speaking to the media at Golkonda Hotel here on Sunday, Danam said they were welcoming Revanth Reddy into the Congress party. He said the party leaders would abide by the high command’s decision. “I would welcome the decision of high command if it gives any position to Revanth Reddy”, he said. He also said his party would organize ‘Girijana Garjana’ meeting at Mahbubabad on November 9 instead of proposed Warangal meeting. (NSS)