Dalits threaten to embrace Islam after being denied Temple access

Meerut: Islam which is a peaceful religion that provides equality to one and all, is nowadays being used to spread hatred or enmity by the anti-social elements, and in some cases, people, ill-treated in Hindu culture too threaten to walk on this path.

Dalits in UP’s Meerut district has publicly threatened to embrace Islam after they were denied entry into a Hindu Temple to offer prayers, DNA reported.

The incident comes just two days after the Hamirpur temple purification temple incident.

According to reports the incident took place in Pancghaon Patti village in Meerut where a few women Dalits belonging to the Valmiki Samaj on their visit to the 50-year-old temple were denied access inside the temple by the temple priest.

“Women were told that they are Dalits not Hindus and will not be allowed to offer prayers at a Hindu temple. They may go to their own Valmiki temples,” alleges Deepak Valmiki.

While another villager Satish Valmiki said the new orders to deny temple access to Dalits only came after a new priest was appointed just a few months ago.

“We were going to the temple earlier but now the new priest does not allow us to offer prayers there,” alleged Valmiki.

The temple priest has abused and threatened the Dalits with dire consequences when they tried to talk to him.

The priest even lodged a fake complaint at the Bhawanpur Police Station against few Dalits of the village, having a population of over 100 dait families.

This has agitated the Valmiki Samaj members who met the SSP Meerut Rajesh Kumar Pandey and threatened to embrace Islam if they were not allowed to offer prayers in the temple.

The Dalits were later given assurance that actions will be initiated against the priest or anyone who tries to stop them.

“A probe has been ordered and the police will initiate action against anyone who tried to stop them offering prayers in the temple. A few police men have been posted at the temple to ensure that everyone is allowed entry into the temple,” said the SSP.

While SR Darapuri, a retired IPS officer and a dalit human right activist said this a s violation of basic fundamental rights of dalits and indicated that how badly they are mistreated under the BJP government.