Dalits molested while entering into a temple

Muzaffarpur: A women along with her family were allegedly thrashed and denied entry into a temple in Muzaffarpur, Bihar. The family visited the temple to perform some pre-wedding ritual when some men started thrashing them.

A complained was registered by Usha Devi of Bishunpur Baghnagari village at Sakra police. According to the complaint, Srinath Mishra, Aman Kumar, Shiv Kumar Mishra and some other villagers stopped them from entering the temple, reported Oneindia.

The police informed that the injured women were taken to a primary medical centre for treatment, post-filing an FIR.

“Security arrangements have been tightened in the village in the view of tension after registration of FIR against four named and three unidentified accused. The FIR was registered on the basis of the statement made by Devi,” the SP said.

On the other hand, the priest told that family was not denied the entry into the temple. The women of the family played loud music due to which villagers came and asked them to stop it. That is when they started to fight and fell into a dispute with some men.