‘Dalits should leave Hindu religion’: Ambedkar’s grandson

Rajkot: Dr BR Ambedkar’s grandson, Prakash Ambedkar visits Rajkot civil hospital on Saturday and met Una dalit victims.

According to Times of India reports, Prakash, the former MP and a dalit leader himself, after listening to the victims’ ordeal, asked dalits to shun Hindu religion and liberate themselves from slavery of the caste system.

“I told them (Una victims) to leave Hindu religion. Because of the caste system, dalits are facing inhuman and atrocious treatment,” Ambedkar told TOI. He also demanded immediate ban on ‘private army’ of cow protectors, promoted by saffron organizations.

“I have also asked them (dalits) to donate all gods and goddesses to temples around them and get themselves liberated from mental slavery (of caste system). Because, getting liberated from mental slavery is first step towards getting yourself out of physical slavery,” he added. “The Saffron brigade’s aim is to deviate from the basic principle of our Constitution,” he alleged.


He said that the ‘Gau Raksha Samitis’ are private army belongs to RSS and Togadia, The BJP government should ban this unnatural army and put behind the bars should ban them.

He give someone cautionary advice to the PM Modi government to maintain the law and order orelse in the coming days it will be very difficult to handle the situation.

Three more Dalit youths attempted suicide on Friday by consuming poisonous substance. So far, around 20 people.