‘Dalits being targeted post Bharat Bandh violence’

Chennai : Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Udit Raj on Sunday said that the Dalits, who took part in Bharat Bandh protests, were being targeted.

He further said that false cases were also being slapped on them.

“On April 2, Dalit agitation was held on a massive scale. The point of worry is that after the agitation those who were part of the agitation are being targeted and false cases are being slapped on them and also being beaten, this is a cause of concern,” Raj told ANI.

Raj appealed to the party and the government to look into the matter immediately.

He said, “I appeal to party and the government that they must look into this immediately. I am not one of those Dalit leaders and party members who’ll keep quiet in my own interest, not telling the party at right time would have been a selfish act. 2.5 yrs ago I said that Dalits are getting angry.”

Various Dalit organisations called for Bharat Bandh on April 2 to oppose the alleged dilution of the SC/ST Act.

At least 11 people were killed in the protests across the country that turned violent after protestors resorted to stone pelting, damaging public properties and rail and various other blockades. Violent protests were reported from various states, including Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, Bihar, Gujarat, and Punjab.

The Supreme Court had, on March 20, introduced the provision of anticipatory bail in the SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities Act while directing that there would be no automatic arrest on any complaint filed under the law. (ANI)