Dalits and Muslims are encountered to unleash a reign of terror: Rajiv Yadav

Aligarh: Convener Rehai Munch Rajiv Yadav said that terror politics is state sponsored. He told this while addressing the students of Aligarh Muslim University.

Rajiv Yadav told that educated Muslim youth are being targeted with a conspiracy. He recalled that BJP leader L K Advani had once told that terrorism is taught in the madrasas after which several madaris came on the radar of the government but nothing could be found in the madrasas.

Rajiv Yadav claimed that the government wants that no one wearing beard and skull cap could be seen operating a laptop. Hence the educated Muslim youth are being targeted. They are apprehended and implicated in false cases. Most of the youth are acquitted which raises questions on government agencies hence the strategy has been changed. Now they are directly encountered.

After BJP came to power in order to unleash a reign of terror Dalits OBC and Muslims are encountered, said Rajiv Yadav. He added eyeing 2019 elections it is being tried to create conflict among OBCs, Dalits and Muslims.