Dalits airdrop body for cremation after locals deny road access

Vellore: In an incident which took place in Vellore District of Tamil Nadu, Dalits were forced to airdrop body from a 20 feet high bridge in order to take it to the cremation ground.

They took this decision after local upper-caste community denied road access to the funeral procession.

According to the report published in Hindustan Times, N. Kuppan died on Saturday. As the funeral procession was denied access to agricultural lands which falls on the route to old funeral ground, they were forced to lower the body from the bridge.

It may be mentioned that these agricultural lands belong to the members of the upper-caste community.

Although the incident took place on 17th August, it came to limelight on Wednesday.

In the video which went viral on social media, a group of people can be seen lowering the body whereas another group standing under the bridge to grab the body.

Sub-Collector of Tirupathur, Priyanka Pankajam informed that a probe had been ordered to know the facts of the incident.