After Dalit-Thakur clash in Saharanpur, fight between two communities erupts in Aligarh

Lucknow: People from two communities came to blows and pelted stones at each other in Uttar Pradesh’s Aligarh district, triggering panic, police said on Thursday.

The melee started with a minor accident late on Wednesday night after which people from both sides clashed and pelted stones at each other in Ladia locality.

The locality is considered ‘hyper sensitive’ communally and as the news of the clashes reached the district officials, police reinforcements were sent and the situation brought under control. District officials pacified the angry mob and asked them to return to their homes.

Dhruv Kumar, Station House Officer (SHO) of Sasni Gate area where clashes took place, informed IANS that police was identifying mischievous elements and will take action against them.

The situation is tense but under control, he further added.

–With inputs from IANS