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All Dalit BJP MPs should resign: Arvind Kejriwal

All Dalit BJP MPs should resign: Arvind Kejriwal

New Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal today asked Dalit MP’s in BJP to resign from the party against the countrywide assault on the community.

“Udit ji and all Dalit MPs of BJP shud resign in protest against countrywide assault on Dalits by BJP goons,” the AAP leader tweeted.

Yesterday, the Dalit leader had said the Hindu religion is in “danger” not because of conversion but because of its “so-called protectors”.

There is no religion in the world where people attack their “own people (from same religion) in the name of the same religion,” he had said, asking “… Why only Dalits come forward whenever atrocities happen against them?”
There were reports recently that following denial of permission to the Dalits by upper caste Hindus to conduct rituals at the ancient Badrakaliyamman temple at Nagapattinam, during the Tamil month of Adi, some Dalits had planned to embrace Islam.

The Nagapattinam district administration had later denied the report.