Dakota Fanning to lend voice for upcoming animated series

Washington: Hollywood star Dakota Fanning is now slated to lend her voice in an upcoming animated series ‘gen:LOCK’.

‘War of the worlds’ star will lend her voice alongside Koichi Yamadera of ‘Ghost in the Shell’ fame and ‘Creed’ star Michael B. Jordan.

The 3D animated series is set in the midst of a global war where a last free society on Earth is on the losing side of it.

In order to address this a diverse team of young pilots are recruited to control the next generation of giant weaponized robots. It is here that the recruits realise that their new found abilities comes at a cost.

Fanning will voice the character of Miranda Worth, who is an expert pilot in love with Julian Chase voiced by Jordan. While Yamadera will voice Kazu Lida, who is recruited from Japan’s military forces.

“We’re thrilled to announce Dakota and Yamadera-san are joining the cast of gen:LOCK,” the Hollywood Reporter quoted gen:LOCK showrunner Gray Haddock, head of Rooster Teeth Animation.

“Dakota brings an endearing energy and texture to Miranda that the audience is going to bond with very strongly. Yamadera-san gives Kazu a fantastic balance of attitude and strength, and, as anime fans, we’re doing our best not to geek out that he’s joined the cast,” he added.

Rooster Teeth is producing its second anime-style series ‘gen:LOCK’.

The Austin-based studio has produced a web series ‘Red vs. Blue’.

‘gen:LOCK’ is also being co-produced by Jordan’s Outlier Productions.
The series is expected to premiere in January 2019.

Currently, the recruitment for voice actors is underway.