Dairat-ul-Maarif of OU gets Rs. 37 crore grant for its project

Hyderabad: According to a press note issued by Dr. Mohammed Mustafa Shareef, Director of Dairat-ul-Maarif of Osmania University, Dept. of Minorities Welfare, Govt. of India sanctioned a major project to the tune of Rs. 37 crore. It is the largest grant received the institution during the past 130 years of its existence.


It may be noted that the wife of Dr. Maya Ram, Secretary of the Dept. of Minorities Welfare, Govt. of India had visited Hyderabad in connection with her research work. During this period, she had also visited Dairat-ul-Maarif. She was impressed by the work of the Arabic scholars of this institution. She advised her husband to sanction a scheme for the translation of the books published by this institutions into English so that a large number of readers throughout the world could benefit out of this treasure of books.


Under the scheme “Hamari Dhruva” a sum of Rs. 37 crore has been sanctioned. Govt. of India will bear to the extent of 90% of this grant whereas the State Govt. of Telangana has to pay the remaining 10% amount. The total duration of the project is five years. Out of the total grant of Rs. 6.88 crore allocated for this financial year, Rs. 2.8 crore have already been released by the Central Govt. which have been created into the account of Dairat-ul-Maarif, Govt. of Telangana has to release its share. The Govt. of Telangana is exploring the possibilities of constituting a committee of experts so that the rare Arabic Manuscripts and books of this institution could be digitalized, translated and printed afresh on the offset machine. Govt. of Telangana has to spend Rs. 3.5 crore on this project. Out of this amount, Dairat-ul-Maarif will spent on the construction and repair of the building and purchase of machinery.


It may be noted that Dairat-ul-Maarif had always faced the scarcity of budget. No Govt. paid attention for the preservation of Arabic manuscripts contained in this institution. There was a danger of spoiling of these rare books.


With the digitalization and translation of the Arabic manuscripts of this institution into English, the demand for its books would be increased and they could be sold in the entire world. A decision has also been taken to reprint its old books on offset machine for which an estimate of Rs. 1 crore has been finalized which the State Govt. has to pay. The Central Govt. has already issued the first installment of its grant on 20th August. The Scholars and Intellectuals of Telangana State are expressing delight on the sanction of this major project for the first time in the 130 year history of this institution.


Govt. of Telangana had allocated Rs. 2 crore annually in its budget which is sufficient to meet the expenses on the salaries of its staff. The institutions has 32 employees, out of which there are only 10 persons who are permanent. The interesting feature is that this institution had not taken up the translation work of its publications. It was editing the old Arabic manuscripts brought from various parts of the world. Many scholars from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran and other countries visit this institutions for extracting research material out of the resources of this institutions. With the completion of this prestigious project, Dairat-ul-Maarif will get a boost in the next five years. It may be mentioned that Prof. Mohammed Mustafa Shareef, the Director of Dairat-ul-Maarif took special interest in getting this project sanctioned by the Govt. of India.



–Siasat News