Daily makeup ritual may improve women’s love life: study

New York :Ladies, take note! A simple daily makeup ritual may promote your self-confidence and even improve your love life, a new study has found.

The ritual consists of facing a mirror, using a favourite fragrance, applying makeup, savouring a candy, taking a deep breath and looking at yourself and smiling, researchers said.

Researchers at Fordham University in New York measured how women and their partners reacted after a period of conducting the daily ritual.

The study was conducted on hundreds of women. About 97 per cent of the participants reported a significant positive change in them within the first week of adopting the ritual.

For the study, women were asked to keep a journal to record the changes they felt after just four days following the ritual – 71 per cent reported an increased desire for romance, 69 per cent were more open to finding love, 77 per cent felt more outgoing and social, and 74 per cent said they were more likely to flirt.

About 85 per cent of the women in the study noticed a positive change in how others reacted to them, noting an increase in compliments from their partner or date (65 per cent), and more than half (56 per cent) confirming that others flirted with them more frequently.

By simply performing various actions in a specific order over time, one can truly alter their mood and outlook.

Rituals are unlike habits in that they are highly conscious, sensorial, and symbolically meaningful as they help transform emotional states.

The study conducted in collaboration with US-based cosmetics company Revlon showed that women experienced a positive change after folding the ritual into their daily routines and proves women are empowered to improve their love lives with a simple shift in mindset, the researchers said.