Dad’s separation puts teens at depression risk

Washington: Children can react very differently to separation or divorce of their parents and a new research, investigating the mental health of teens after their dads left, suggests that it can be pretty hard on them.

Family breakdown and the insecure financial situation that may result is more likely to cause worry, anxiety and depressive symptoms in adolescents who are separated from their father, says Professor Jennifer O’Loughlin of the University of Montreal.

However, these symptoms can disappear in the nine-month period following the separation. O’Loughlin came to these conclusions after conducting a study that was recently

Compared with adolescents living with both parents, adolescents separated from their fathers were more likely to report depressive symptoms four to six months post-separation, as well as worry or stress about their parents separating or divorcing, a new family, the family financial situation, and their relationship with their father.

The authors of the study write that separated parents and their adolescents can be reassured by the results of the study, which show that depression symptoms are usually transient following separation.

Nevertheless, they call for greater vigilance among all those in direct contact with young adults whose parents have recently separated – families, teachers, trainers, friends, and family physicians.

The study is published in the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry. (ANI)