Dadri killing: Three Hindu families helped 70 Muslim neighbours flee mob

While communal tensions may torn apart the Bisada village where Mohammed Akhlaq was killed over rumours of beef consumption, there was also an example of religious harmony.

Three Hindu families led seventy members of Muslim joint family to safety minutes before a mob approached their homes, reports The Hindustan Times. The Hindu neighbours made sure that the houses of the Muslim villages were untouched by the attack.

The Muslim neighbours say that they owe their lives to the Hindu families. “We would not have survived if we were not helped by them,” 65-year-old Abdul Muhammad said.

They were warned about the attack on Monday night after which they all rushed to the village mosque a few metres away from their houses.

Vineet Kumar, Umesh Kumar and Ashok planned an escape for them to go safely out of the village. Ashok helped women, children and the elderly to cross a pond that led to a road closeby while Vineet and Umesh drove their utility vehicle to the road using a narrow alley with the rest. The alley is seldom used by the villagers.

“It took us more than two hours to ensure that all of them reached safely,” said Vineet, a 35-year-old farmer who is also a student of law.

The men from the community only returned after being informed that the situation Bisada was under control and that the neighbours would continue to protect them. However many women are yet to return.