D. Nagender wealth grows in 4 years

Hyderabad: Former minister Danam Nagender, has seen his wealth grow by Rs 20.48 crore in four years.

In 2014 he had lost elections on Congress ticket and now he is contesting on a TRS ticket from Khairatabad.

Mr Nagender had disclosed his movable assets (investment, cash and shares) as Rs 2,50,09,545 in 2014, which shot up to Rs 22,98,28,052 crore.

The value of his immovable assets (properties, residence and commercial buildings) grew from Rs 3 crore to 4.5 crore.

His accountablity grew from Rs 5.65 crore to Rs 40.72 crore.

According to a report, his wife D. Anita owns more properties, worth Rs 9 crore than Mr Nagendar.