Cyclone Titli: Odisha govt announces relief package

Bhubaneswar (Odisha): The Odisha government on Wednesday announced a special relief package for the people affected by Cyclone Titli and subsequent flood.

Incessant rainfall, consequent floods and severe cyclonic storm (Titli) that occurred on October 11 and October 12 caused an extensive damage to the standing crops and plantations, thereby adversely affecting the farmers in the state. The animal husbandry, fisheries, handloom and sericulture sectors were also affected severely.

To ameliorate the suffering of the affected people, the state government has decided to implement the following package:

Agriculture Input subsidy will be provided to the marginal farmers, Rs. 6,800/- per hectare of land in rain fed/non irrigated areas, Rs.13,500 per hectare of land in areas under assured irrigation, and Rs.18,000 per hectare for all types of perennial crops like mango, cashew, coconut, and Betel vine.

1,20,000 number of pulses, 30,000 oilseed mini-kits, and 50,000 vegetable seed kits totaling to 2,00,000 of special mini-kits shall be supplied to the Titli affected farmers during Rabi 2018-19.

Subsidy for the agriculture equipments will also be provided to the farmers and Odisha Lift Irrigation Corporation will take immediate steps to repair the Lift Irrigation Points in all the affected villages.

Short term Kharif loans advanced in the affected areas during Kharif 2018 will be converted into Medium Term (Conversion) Loan and due date of the payment will also be extended up to September 30, 2019.

The state government has also decided to give financial assistance to the fish farmers up to 75 percent at Rs 1.125 lakh per hectare and Rs 22,500 per boat and Rs 15,000 for small farmers and Rs 60,000 per boat and Rs 15,000 per net will be provided to marine and chilka fishermen.

Under handicrafts sector, assistance of Rs.4,100 per artisan for replacement of tools and equipment and Rs.4100 per artisan for loss of raw material will be provided.

School fees up to High School level in Government Schools will be waived in the cyclone-affected areas and government will also provide two pairs of school uniforms and text books to the children up to Elementary School level.