Cyclone ‘Mora’ damages houses, triggers landslides in Mizoram

Aizawl: Cyclone ‘Mora’ accompanied by heavy showers and gusty winds lashed Mizoram on Tuesday disrupting power and telecommunication network, damaging houses and triggering landslides.

However, it did not cause any human casualty.

The overnight rains and squally wind continued till Tuesday morning.

Around 20 houses were partially damaged at Khawbung village bordering Myanmar while the roof of a district hospital ward was blown away in Siaha district forcing the patients to take shelter in the corridor.

Disaster Management and Rehabilitation department officials said the rains had triggered landslides in many places.

Though most of the roads have been cleared today, a road on the southern outskirts of Aizawl was yet to be reopened, they said.

An uprooted tree damaged a pastor’s bungalow in south Mizoram’s Serkawn village, the headquarters of the Baptist Church of Mizoram.

The Mizoram Disaster Management Authority and the Disaster Management and Rehabilitation department had received a warning that the cyclone was most likely to lash Mizoram on Tuesday and Wednesday.

People were advised to take precaution as the cyclone could trigger massive landslides and flash floods in the state.

The Cyclone ‘Mora’ made a landfall in Bangladesh yesterday killing at least six persons and damaging houses in the neighbouring country.