Cycle is not a solution to Odd Even phase II: Sisodia

New Delhi : Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said on Saturday that a cycle is not the only solution to making the odd even vehicle rationing scheme a success. He said that the cycle is one of the mediums being used to promote the odd even scheme, adding that existing forms of public transport and the Delhi Metro are other options that can be used by the public. He said that if few buses breakdown out of thousands, then it is very normal, sometimes cars also breakdown.
“In the month of May and June heat will increase and it would be difficult to ride cycle hence they are planning to intoduce high end buses soon” he added.

He said that auto and taxi drivers should cooperate .This is not his or Kejriwal’s personal problem.

There shouldn’t be any politics in this issue as Delhi public is very happy with this odd-even. If BJP is not happy with the happiness of Delhi public then they should take their stand.(ANI)