Cybersecurity company Tortuga Logic raises USD 2 mn in seed funding

New York [USA]: Software-based cybersecurity company Tortuga Logic on Friday raised USD 2 million in seed funding from Eclipse Ventures to help maintain chip-level system security.
“There is an enormous amount of software-based cybersecurity companies in the world but with the advent of autonomous vehicles, growing complexity of mobile devices, and trust issues in the supply chain for military applications there is a gaping hole in how the industry approaches cybersecurity-specifically the hardware,” said co-founder, Dr. Jason Oberg in a statement to Techcrunch.
“Hardware vulnerabilities have been successfully exploited to completely compromise a modern computing system. Rectifying a security vulnerability that has already been shipped or worse, has been exploited, can cost exorbitant amounts of money to resolve. Unlike software, hardware cannot be patched and in many cases requires a more expensive solution such as a recall,” he added.
Tortuga Logic makes and sells “a suite of hardware design tools to identify security vulnerabilities throughout the design of a semiconductor” and already has customers in aerospace and defense. (ANI)