Cyberabad ‘SHE Teams’ receive 161 complaints in September

Shamshabad: The Cyberabad ‘SHE Teams‘ received 161 complaints from women in September this year.

According to Hyderabad City Police, the program of ‘SHE teams’ was launched on October 24, 2014, to curb eve-teasing in all aspects, in all forms, at all places, providing safety and security to women in the society. A total of 10 teams are working in Cyberabad.

A total of 161 complaints were received from women victims through different means like Whatsapp, email, Hawkeye, direct walk-in, etc. All complaints have been acted upon and disposed of on merits. 41 cases have been registered out of which 27 are criminal cases and 14 are petty cases. Decoy operations were conducted at various places such as bus stops, shopping malls, railway stations, tutorials, colleges, etc.,” the police said.

A counseling session was held at Women and Children Safety Wing, Cyberabad which was attended by respondents.