Cyberabad police launch new song to raise awareness on traffic rules

Hyderabad: A song cautioning citizens against road rage was launched on Monday at the Cyberabad Police Commissionerate.

The song composed and sung by singer Ayidhala Suneel for which Gajwel Venu wrote the music praised the traffic police and discussed how citizens need to be aware of instances of drunken driving, the importance of wearing helmet and seat belt as well as speeding unnecessarily.

YouTube video

The lyrics for the song go, “Praanam pothe thirigi raadhura, pramaadaalaku dooram undara” which translates to “Once life is lost it won’t return again and hence one should steer clear of danger.” The song has been dubbed as a tribute to the efforts made by the traffic police and their volunteers.

The Cyberabad commissioner of police reminded citizens to adopt all measures to avoid accidents including warning people against drunk driving. Singer Ayidhala Suneel while thanking the traffic police, also remarked that negligence was the main reason people die and their families were suffering.

With this song, he hoped to impress upon people the importance of following rules and creating awareness. The song can also be accessed on all of Cyberabad police’s social media platforms.