Cyberabad Police installed 5 speed laser guns on ORR to curb speed violation

Hyderabad: With the Police planning to curb deaths due to accidents and rash driving on accident prone Outer Ring Road(ORR), the Cyberabad Police has acquired 5-speed laser guns to curb the speed violations on the ORR.

With installing these speed laser guns on the Outer Ring Road, the police is hopeful to bring down the maximum speed limits on it. They are now training their speed guns on other stretches of different highways that pass through their jurisdiction. The Central Road Research Institute (CRRI) has installed these guns positioning them at points that were identified as the most vulnerable.

The Rachakonda Police has also acquired three-speed laser guns with the support of Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA), with the new acquisition the Rachakonda Police is also planning to take similar safety measures on other highways like Nagarjuna Sagar Highway, Srisailam Highway, Vijayawada Highway and the Bhongir Highway which fall under its limits.

Mahesh Bhagwat, Rachkonda Commissioner said with new installations on ORR it is too early to say anything about its impact. Adding to it he also said, “However, based on the awareness created by the Commissionerate’s new ways to restrict violators, it is hoped that cases of over-speeding will come down” and that the proposals to set up these speed guns on other highways is in its final process.

With Commissioner planning to acquire two new speed guns, a senior police officer said “It is difficult for the department to procure the costly laser guns on its own. That is why we approached the TSTS, and an agreement is being made for the TSTS to procure two laser guns for us”.

Following various accidents on ORR due to drunken driving, the Cyberabad Police and Rachkonda Police both have also armed their police personnel with breath analyzers In order to bring down the violators, Telangana Today reported.