Cyberabad CP detains noted chain snatchers under PD Act

In the ongoing drive against offenders in Cyberabad Police Commissionerate, the Commissioner of Police has detained notorious chain snatchers under P.D. Act. The offenders have been arrested previously and are repeatedly and habitually indulging in heinous crimes i.e. chain snatchings in the limits of Saroornagar, LB Nagar, Meerpet and Chaitanyapuri Police Stations of Cyberabad Commissionerate and thereby creating panic, fear and insecurity in the minds of womenfolk which are prejudicial to the maintenance of public order.

Their dare devil acts have been prejudicial to the maintenance of public order and unless they are kept out of the society for a considerable period by detaining them in the prison under Preventive Detention Act to prevent them from committing chain snatchings, public order and confidence of public in the law cannot be restored.

Therefore, the Commissioner of Police passed orders for Preventive Detention against Fathe Akram Ali, 23, Sun Glass Sales Man, R/o Near Saraswathi Mandir & Park, Saraswathi Nagar, Katol of Nagpur Dist, Maharashtra State and Hyder Akram Ali S/o Akram Ali, aged 20 Yrs, Occ: Sun Glass Sales Man, R/o Kalika Nagari, Hoshangabad Dist, Dehathi Thana, Madhya Pradesh State, N/o Near Saraswathi Mandir & Park Saraswathi Nagar Katol of Nagpur Dist Maharashtra State of Chaitanyapuri P.S. by the Commissioner of Police, Cyberabad Sri C.V. Anand, IPS., as a part of Preservation of peace, security to women folk and maintaining public order in the Cyberabad Commissionerate. (NSS)