Cyber Fraud rising in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: With rising e-transactions and online banking, it is now even more important to be careful with your credit and debit cards for cyber fraud is also on rising.

S. Jayaram, ACP of Cyber Crime of Cyberabad says any individual doing any kind of online transaction using credit or debit cards should be cautious to never reveal your details on calls. No bank calls for details of their customer’s cards.

‘The maximum a caller from a bank will ask is to confirm the name and address of the customer. Many a time, customers especially high profile customers like techies and professionals to fall easy prey to such fraudulent calls.’

“The call comes suddenly, and they answer the call while at work. They reveal things that they should not, he said.”

Jayaram says, “Professionals who are in night shifts will be asleep during the day. They receive calls while asleep or are half asleep. They share details in a hurry. Sometimes it depends on their mood, stress at work etc. Home and various other factors come into picture”.

KCS Raghuveer, ACP, Cybercrimes, Hyderabad, says no individual should ever reveal their account details or card details under any circumstances, irrespective of their work and profession.

He says “One should cross-check the credentials of the caller or tell them that they will approach the bank and submit the details later. The best way to avoid such callers is to confront them on the first call itself”.

Experts from the Society of Cyberabad Security Council say professionals often take things for granted. They think they cannot be cheated and somehow assume they can think better than the bank stuff and end up revealing the details.

Professionals need to be more cautious with their bank details as well as card details says, Experts.

“The best bait to trap techies is a call informing them that their credit card limit has been raised. They will jump with joy and reveal all the details”, as reported in DC.