CV Anand asks rice millers to do business honestly

Civil Supplies Commissioner C.V. Anand was paying special attention to the issue of delivery of 57781 MTs of CMR rice worth Rs 134 crore from 115 rice millers from 2010-11 to 2014-15.

 After holding a series of meetings with millers, the Commissioner convened a special meeting on October 25 and put forth the following proposals before them and the final decision will be taken after discussing with Finance Minister Etela Rajender. Only on delivery of 100% CMR dues the government will consider lifting of criminal cases, 6A cases and recovery under RR Act.           If the millers deliver 100% CMR dues before November 30, cases will be lifted and seized mills will be re-opened and allot paddy for custom milling as per milling capacity.


  If they deliver 75% CMR dues now, paddy will be allotted for custom milling as per milling capacity provided the balance 25% CMR is delivered before January 31, 2017.  Those who deliver 50% CMR dues now, the balance 50% should be delivered before March 31, 2017.  No. relaxation is allowed for the millers who deliver CMR below 100 MT. Millers have to deliver CMR in their own gunnies.


Those who are not in a position to deliver CMR, they are allowed to permit cash as per the market rate. On these proposals, millers represented to exempt payment of interest delivery of 50% CMR dues in the present Kharif season and the balance 50% in the ensuing Rabi season.


Responding to the request of the millers, the Civil Supplies Commissioner informed them that due to on-delivery of CMR as per schedule, Civil Supplies Corporation was forced to pay interest running into crores on cash credit and hence there was no possibility of exempting interest.  While disagreeing with the proposal of millers, he advised them to make best use of the opportunity given by the Government.


The Commissioner advised the millers to do their business honestly and rice milling industry should not get bad name in the eyes of public for the illegal activities of 10 out of 100 millers as the rice milling industry is also a part and parcel of CS department, Government will always extend its full cooperation as long as they do business honestly. The    Commissioner assured them that there will not be any problems form their staff and the government will always extend full cooperation.  Finally the Commissioner of Civil Supplies advised the millers to have social responsibility towards the society without looking at everything on commercial angle and help in realizing the goal of Bangaru Telangana under the able leadership of K. Chandrashekar Rao. (NSS)