Custodians become plunderers of Waqf properties

Competent authority of Telangana Waqf Board by taking a controversial decision has given judgment in favour of tenants at a prime place of the city. He has waived rents of 35 years thereby giving a loss of Rs. 1 Cr to Waqf Board. Interestingly the tenants in whose favour the decision has been taken had fought against Waqf Board in the court for 30 years and had tried to prove themselves as owners of the Waqf property. When the Supreme Court’s judgment came against them, then they approached Waqf Board to become tenants. On the alleged recommendation by some middlemen, the competent authority not only waived the rent of 30 years but again entered into an agreement on paltry rent.

Legal department of Waqf Board and Chief Executive Officer had recommended for collecting the rent but secretary Minority Welfare, Syed Omer Jaleel who is also the competent authority ignored the opinion of legal department and Chief Executive Officer and gave the judgment in favour of tenants.

It is said that 4 tenants of shops in a valuable Waqf property at Basheer Bagh fought legal battle for 35 years claiming ownership of the shops. Finally Supreme Court’s judgement came against them then they approached Waqf Board to become tenants. Waqf Board’s legal section had recommended to collect the arrears of 35 years before making them tenants which is in accordance with Waqf Act. But some people swayed authorities’ opinion in favour of the tenants by collecting lakhs of rupees.

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