Cultural policing in India is dangerous: Nandita Das

Panaji: Voicing her concern about the growing environment of intolerance and throttling of the voice of expression in the country, acclaimed actress-filmmaker Nandita Das says this kind of cultural policing is dangerous for a democracy like India.

The 46-year-old “Earth” actress feels it is crucial to give importance to every opinion as that is the only way one can learn to respect what others have to say.

“Even in film festivals where I have been to as a jury member; there are a lot of different viewpoints. And its ok as that is how we slowly educate ourselves with the perspective of another person and that way our own thinking will evolve and change.

“I think this throttling of the voice and this kind of cultural policing that is happening is extremely dangerous,” Nandita told PTI.

Calling India one of the most stable democracies the actress said it is necessary for people of the country to save their freedom of expression.

“We are proud to be part of democracy and one of the most stable democracies in the South-East Asian region. All other countries they look up to us as the biggest pillar of democracy. So we must protect our freedom of expression.”

Nandita says it is absolutely fine to have varied opinions as it is a healthy sign and freedom to speak up is necessary for the growth of a society

“For any society to grow we have to have freedom to speak up. You and I may completely disagree but if we are not even allowed to talk about it then how does any new voice, or any conversation emerge.