Cuba witnesses birth of a piglet whose face resembles a monkey’s!

New Delhi: A piglet born last week in a town in western Cuba has created a buzz, because it was born with a face that resembles a monkey.

The dark-skinned piglet and its siblings were born on Tuesday in San Juan y Martinez, a city in Pinar del Rio province, state media reported. A day later, the area’s veterinarian was called in to examine the unusual animal.

The unidentified veterinarian was surprised by the piglet’s features, but she found that the animal “responded pretty positively” during an examination and is being nursed. It however, appears to suffer from some “lack of motor coordination,” the veterinarian told Cubadebate.

Photographs and videos posted on Cubadebate show the small animal nestled among its pink siblings, nursing and being cared for by its mother.

The piglet has a long jaw, large nostrils and a simian-like protuberance over its eyes, which are close together.