CS directs officials to send answers to queries raised by legislators promptly

Chief Secretary S P Singh has directed higher officials of all departments to send answers to the questions raised by the MLAs and MLCs in the Legislative Assembly and Council respectively.

On Wednesday, SP Singh asked the officials to give top priority to the pending LAQ and LCQs along with sending answers to the questions raised by the members during Zero Hour coordinating with the legislature officials. He suggested to the officials to conduct special meetings with the Heads of Departments concerned to see that there won’t be any pending answers. The answers should be short and accurate information and related information should be in a special note form, he suggested.

The Chief Secretary also said one can get the information to the pending questions related to various departments through website designed by the Centre for Good Governance. Every department has to appoint nodal officer to coordinate with the Assembly officials, he said and directed the officials to be available during the budget session to be started from March 10 onwards. The officials have to review the bills and amendments of the departments concerned, he said and asked them to prepare outcome budget and demand for grant differently following the circular sent by the Finance department, he suggested. The main department officials have to coordinate with other departments in case the question related to various departments and send the answer, he said. (NSS)