Cryptocurrency: 18-year-old student earns $1 mn profit

Ohio: An 18-year-old high school student earned a profit of $1 million for his investment in Cryptocurrency.

According to the report published in Daily Sabah, Eddy Zillan (18), a resident of Ohio, US invested in cryptocurrencies in 2015 when he was 15 years old. Three years back he had invested $100 in the virtual currency.

Within few hours of investment, he found that he had already earned a profit of $10. After noticing the profit, he decided to invest larger amounts of money which he had earned from teaching tennis lessons and other sources.

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It was all once a dream.

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Talking about the difficulty he faced to learn about the cryptocurrencies, he said that there were no YouTubers to learn from.

He gained knowledge from a few sources available at that time. However, his efforts now resulted in earning a profit of $1 million.

It may be mentioned that now, he opened a Cryptocurrency Financial Company which offers investment advice. He also launched an App by name

Bitcoin is one of the types of cryptocurrency. In 2009, the value of one bitcoin was only a few US cents. However, now, the values of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are breaking records.

It may be noted that computer codes create a virtual currency which is not backed by any central bank or government.